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prenatal massage

Eliminating Back Pain during Pregnancy
Our clients know that pregnancy doesn't have to be a time of discomfort. By making our unique prenatal massage treatments a regular part of their comprehensive prenatal care, many of our clients report experiencing vibrant energy, a heightened sense of well-being, strength, flexibility, peace and radiance. We all want our pregnancies to be like that, don't we? After all, no one wants to experience discomfort or back pain during pregnancy. 

Prenatal Massage on the Upper East Side
Our unique, custom-designed treatment table was created just for pregnant women. A hole in the table accommodates your tummy, while an adjustable sling provides flexible and gentle support during your prenatal massage. Our certified prenatal therapists work on releasing tension in your muscles and increasing your flexibility. Imagine the relief of not having to support the weight of your baby for an hour – you may even forget that you're pregnant!

We have been specializing in prenatal massage, postnatal massage and medical massage in New York City since 1991. Our greatest joy is seeing second-generation prenatal massage clients, and guiding them during this wonderful life experience with therapeutic massage! For more information about reducing your discomforts during pregnancy and finding relief from back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder strain and swelling, schedule an appointment with us, your trusted specialists in prenatal massage on the Upper East Side. Call us today at 212-472-4772.