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Put an End to Back Pain after Birth with Postnatal Massage
The time following the birth of your baby is an important time for massage.  Back pain after birth is a common problem among women, but it is not the only stressful factor. A postnatal massage provides emotional and physical relief from the stress of labor and caring for a newborn, increases circulation, helps eliminate toxins, assists in the body's natural recovery process to help get you back to your pre-baby body.

Postnatal Massage: A Postpartum Experience You Owe to Yourself
Women know prenatal massage is a necessary part of a healthy pregnancy, but many women overlook the importance of postnatal massage. After spending over 25 years in a medical massage practice in New York City, we can attest to the fact that postnatal massage is equally as critical for your health and well-being as prenatal massage.

Remember, part of being a great mom is ensuring your health is cared for as well as that of your newborn. Be sure to make time for you, your wellbeing, and gain relief from neck and shoulder strain, back pain, sciatica and swelling through postnatal treatments.

Here are our guidelines for postnatal massage:
Vaginal birth: You can receive a postnatal massage anytime following the birth of your baby.
C-Section:  For a postnatal massage, you must wait 6 weeks following the birth of your baby or provide us with a doctor's note. We do offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage immediately following the birth to help alleviate swelling and increase your recovery time. 

For more information about postnatal massage, contact us today at 212-472-4772.