Feel the difference massage can make in your life! Our expert therapists offer a wide range of massage to meet your needs: 

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Healing through Hands-on Therapy
From improved mobility to reduced stress, our therapists utilize our hands-on therapy methods to improve your overall health. We offer massage therapy services to treat women's and men's health, chronic pain and sports injuries or just so you can relax and enjoy a therapist’s healing hands at the end of a stressful day. Whether you are utilizing massage for general muscle relaxation or as an adjunct to your wellness or rehabilitation program, our therapists will help restore normal tone and balance to your body. One size does not fit all—we offer a variety of massage therapies customized to an individual's specific needs.

Common Conditions that Massage Therapy Can Heal
low back pain • mid back pain • upper back pain • shoulder pain • frozen shoulder • neck pain • migraines • headaches • hip pain • sciatica • tendonitis • fibromyalgia • pregnancy-related pain • sleep disorders • infertility • stress • edema • chronic pain • carpal tunnel • thoracic outlet syndrome • TMJ • anxiety • depression

The benefits of hands-on therapy are virtually endless. Our massage therapists provide exceptional massage therapy that can help you achieve pain relief quickly and effectively. For more information on choosing the right massage therapy for you, call us today at 212-472-4772.