The Medical Massage Group is great! During my pregnancy they really helped alleviate my aches and pains. Laying on my stomach with their special table felt wonderful. Now with a 2 year old at home I really need relief and every massage therapist they have is great - I never had a bad experience. Highly recommend to all my friends.
— Mary-Hope C.
My patients have raved about you for years! I know how effective your work is first hand, having visited you numerous times during my own pregnancy. I highly recommend you to all my pregnant patients with lower back or sciatica pain.
— Dr. Karen Kirsch, OB/GYN
The Medical Massage Group has helped me through two pregnancies with sciatica and a herniated disc. Without their massage therapists I would have been in serious pain. They saved me! They are the best.
— Shannon M.
I can’t stop telling my pregnant friends about you. I never thought one visit could relieve so many of my aches and pains.
— Alison B.
It’s been amazing! My sciatica was so bad, I could barely walk. You made my pain completely disappear, and it’s lasted for two weeks.
— Nancy T.