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  • Eddie gave me a medical massage to help ease a migraine and neck pain. He was incredible! Like a magician. He was knowledgeable, professional and really helped me with my tension/pain. Christine at the front was also very lovely and helpful. Highly recommend!
  • This place has been my main source of pain relief and comfort during my pregnancy. Elinor is fantastic! The caliber of all my massages has far exceeded any other massage place Ive been to. The prenatal tables are incredible. You can lay on your tummy! Ive had side lying prenatal massages at other places and there is no comparison. Pregnant women need to get off their hips and this makes a world of difference.
  • Matt was fantastic! He was able to pinpoint areas of tension that I didn’t realize I was holding. He also recommended some stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Was there for the first time yesterday upon a recommendation of a friend, I have had prenatal massages before, but now I understand they were not that good! The belly-bed is awesome bc for the first time in months you can lay on your tummy with no pressure, and they get to all the right spots this way! My back was killing me! Thank you Hilda!!! Looking forward to coming again.
  • I was thrilled to find this massage group right near where I live. So far I have had Hilda and Matos and they are two of the best massage therapists I have ever had. It is hard to find a good masseuse who is able to identify and work on areas that are causing pain and discomfort. They offer many types of massages, including prenatal. I highly recommend this massage group for anyone looking for a really solid massage. Their prices are average but it is so worth it!
  • Out of all the opportunities in New York City, I lucked out that I was scheduled with Eddie. I was very happy with my massage and feel a lot less pain in my hip. Thank you.
  • At 29 weeks, I had a prenatal massage with Shanequa. My back pain & sciatica have been debilitating. I've regularly gotten massages over the past 20 years. Including internationally and the one I received yesterday with Shanequa far exceeded any I have ever received(including those received in Thailand!) I ended up buying a package and will definitely continue seeing her for the rest of my pregnancy and post pardem if needed :)
  • Matt was great. This was my first prenatal massage this pregnancy and I really enjoyed it and found the information Matt had about my SI joint pain very helpful. Looking forward to coming back.
  • For my first visit here I scheduled a prenatal massage. The receptionist was very friendly on the phone and even worked with the massage therapist to re-work the schedule so I could have the 90 minute massage I wanted. My therapist, had a warm presence, was friendly, professional, and took time in the beginning to check in about my pregnancy and symptoms, and discuss my massage needs. She was very helpful with my preferences and constant need to change positions. Best of all, the massage was wonderful - deeply relaxing and really got some kinks out! Thank you!
  • Best massage ever! Definitely plan on trying to make this a regular thing! Kayle is really incredible at working through my knots! It’s definitely the type of massage that actually helps instead of simply feeling good at the time, as I feel so much relief for many days after my deep tissue massage!
  • I had a prenatal massage with Shanequa. I have regularly gotten massages over the past 20 years. Including internationally and the one I received yesterday with Shanequa far exceeded any I have ever received! I ended up buying a package and will definitely continue seeing her for the rest of my pregnancy and post pardem if needed :)
  • Went in for a massage with Matt earlier, and left feeling so great! I am a new mom under a lot of stress, and I got the rare opportunity to go get a massage to try and relieve some of that stress this afternoon. Matt was like a magician - he is clearly an expert in his technique and maneuvering of pressure points throughout the body to release tension. I have had many deep tissue massages before, but none have been so targeted at relieving stress as this! If you want to release some tension from the body, go see Matt at Medical Massage Group!
  • This place is amazing! I discovered it while pregnant as they have the best prenatal massages in NYC. I have continued to go regularly post baby and my husband goes too!!! Elinor is our favorite therapist - she is amazing! Can't recommend this place more highly - you won't be disappointed!
  • I had been avoiding getting a massage for pain in my wrists related to pregnancy for many weeks. After reading great reviews, I finally "gave in" to getting a massage and it was the best money I've spent in the past 9 months! You could tell the therapists here really know their stuff. I appreciated that they took time to focus on the specific areas that were irritating me while also providing me with a great full body massage.
  • Clean, professional, and thorough. Went for a prenatal massage and will definitely go back.
  • Medical massage group has been amazing at helping me with my back pain through pregnancy. Everyone I have used so far has been great and I love the tables they have for prenatal!
  • I just had a fabulous medical massage with Elinor. I had a pinched nerve in my back/neck and she really worked on the spots. She was very nice and professional. I can already feel a difference in my back. I would definitely go back to her in the future. The Medical Massage Group was a nice, clean, professional spot. I highly recommend trying it!
  • I go to the medical massage group when I am in pain from running and everyday life. They always help "fix" me up!
  • Medical Massage Group is the absolute best place to go for a prenatal massage. All of the therapists are great - they really take the time to listen to what's bothering you - and then they fix it! I have been having a lot of upper back pain in my pregnancy and Elinor is a miracle worker! I also love their special tables that allow you to lay on your belly during the massage - such a treat!
  • Liat was careful, thorough, smart and insightful in our massage therapy session. She dug deep physically and psychologically to figure out the source of the pain. It was a great experience. I will definitely return.
  • Professional. Clean. Precise. Experienced.
  • Because of my hectic schedule I tend to see different massage therapists and I have never been disappointed!

Healing Medical Massage in NYC
We believe that therapeutic massage requires more than a “one size fits all” approach. Our licensed massage therapists understand that every client has unique needs and requires a personalized approach. We have been providing massage to the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York for over 25 years, and employ a variety of modalities to guide you toward your wellness goals. Whether you need prenatal massage, postnatal massage, deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage,  medical massage, sports massage, swedish massage or therapeutic massage to ease chronic pain, we are here for you.

Therapeutic Massage on the Upper East Side
If you are seeking a medical massage treatment in New York City, look no further! Whether you need a rehabilitating therapeutic massage, or need to work out the kinks with a deep tissue massage, our licensed massage therapists can help. We offer a variety of modalities and invite you to explore our list of services. For information about our therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, or prenatal and postnatal massage, contact us at (212) 472-4772